Original artwork by Andrew Morgan

XY Manager Editor And Librarian


XY Manager (XYM) is a universal patch editor and librarian for classic Yamaha FM synthesizers.

The entire range from the MK1 DX7 to the SY99 and later FM clones is supported.

The current version, XYM7, is free to download for a 30-day trial period, and $30 to buy.

Upgrades and technical support are free and unlimited.

XYM is a Windows app.

Check the XYM update history here.

XYM covers the whole FM synth range

  • XYM fully supports all the classic FM synths.
  • Patch files for all supported synths can be opened and edited regardless of which synth is selected for MIDI control.
  • Easily convert 4 or 6 Operator DX patch files to SY 1AFM format.

Keep Track of What's On Your Synth

  • Patch Viewer keeps track of all patch types on your synth.
  • Download patches, banks or everything in one go, automatically opening editors.
  • Drag and drop patch selections to new files.

Explorer Style Patch Management

  • Organise your patches however you want.
  • Work with a familiar Explorer style interface.
  • Create your own patch folder groupings.
  • Scan files to weed out duplicate patches.
  • Drag and drop patches around/between compatible files.
  • Browse to audition patches.

Real-Time Visual Patch Editing

  • "Hear as you edit" - just drag the graph markers and hear how the sound changes.
  • Use a hardware controller instead of the mouse.
  • Work on all parameters in a single window.
  • Work on multiple patches simultaneously.
  • Edit voices, drum patches, multis, microtunings,pans, system setups etc.
  • Drag and drop any data between editors/files.

Feature Summary

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