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SY Manager Editor And Librarian

SY Manager (SYM) is a general purpose patch editor and librarian for the Yamaha SY77, SY99 and the TG77 rack-mount synthesisers.

The current version, SYM7, is free to download for a 30-day trial and $25 to buy.

Upgrades and technical support are free and unlimited.

SYM is a Windows app.

Check the SYM release history here.

Keep Track of What's On Your Synth

  • Patch Viewer keeps track of all patch types on your synth.
  • Download patches, banks or everything in one go, automatically opening editors.
  • Drag and drop patch selections to new files.

Explorer Style Patch Management

  • Organise your patches however you want.
  • Work with a familiar Explorer style interface.
  • Create your own patch folder groupings.
  • Scan files to weed out duplicate patches.
  • Drag and drop patches around/between files.
  • Browse to audition patches.

Real-Time Visual Patch Editing

  • "Hear as you edit" - just drag the graph markers and hear how the sound changes.
  • Use a hardware controller instead of the mouse.
  • Work on all parameters in a single window.
  • Work on multiple patches simultaneously.
  • Edit voices, drum patches, multis, microtunings,pans, system setups etc.
  • Drag and drop any data between editors/files.

Behringer B-Control 2000 Rotary Editor

  • Get pre-programmed controller settings for your synth.
  • Two master templates include 50 Presets supporting all SY77/SY99 and TG77 patch types.
  • Edit all Preset, Control and Global parameters in one editor.
  • Select MIDI Parameter Change, Channel and Control Messages from drop down lists - no need to hand crank sysex.
  • Use the Script Editor for advanced message editing.

Feature Summary

  • Multiple document interfaces for both patch management and editing with full drag & drop support.
  • Explorer-style patch manager - drag & drop patches within/between files.
  • Create your own patch management schema in Patch Explorer - multiple level dictionaries and hierarchies.
  • Powerful patch search, duplicate removal, sort and group features.
  • Patch Viewer provides direct window on your SY for easier downloads, patch management. Saves/Loads mixed patch types, SY desktop etc.
  • Graphical, real-time voice patch editor with auditioning.
  • Universal SY voice patch editing supports all modes, including drumsets and SY99 sample and waveform parameters.
  • Reads 4 and 6 Operator DX patches (.syx/.dat/.dxm) - sonically accurate conversion to 1AFM file SY series synth file format.
  • Tool editors for editing/managing Multi, Pan, Microtuning, Master Control (SY99) and System Setup patches.
  • All editors support incoming parameter change messages from hardware controllers.
  • GUI editor for the Behringer BCR-2000 controller with 50 presets pre-programmed for all patch editors.
  • Midi Engine monitors all incoming MIDI channel and sysex messages. Messages are editable
  • Full support for Midi Merge from all device inputs and Midi Thru on primary device.
  • On-board MidiFile player and virtual MIDI keyboard.
  • Prints patch lists and parameters. Print preview and print to file.
  • PD Patch libraries (includes SY77 and SY99 Factory patches, 300 Native SY77 patches, 8,000 converted DX patches and a "best of DX" converted library).
  • Completely automated download/installation/registration.
  • Unlimited technical support.
  • Perpetual license for all future upgrades.
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