Original artwork by Andrew Morgan

What is DXED ?

DXED is a free, simple, text-based editor and librarian for the Yamaha DX7 and compatible 6 operator synthesizers.

DXED runs under MSDOS. It will also run under any version of Windows in an MSDOS window, although DXED's MIDI features are only compatible with versions prior to Win2000.

DXED works without a MIDI interface - you can create, edit and store voice patches. But to use DXED with a DX7 you will need a MIDI interface.

Feature Summary

About this Version

This is Version 2 of DXED - it is a complete update of Version1 which was originally released in 1988.

The program has been substantially rewritten but it retains the "look and feel" of the original - and also its' tiny footprint of only 25k.

A major enhancement in this version is full support for all four DX7 file formats - import and export voice data in the Yamaha 32 voice compressed format or as single uncompressed voices, both options either with or without sysex headers.

DXED was written in 8086 assembler using Eric Isaacson's excellent free A86 compiler .

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