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DXM5 Release History

Build 5.2.6597.31581 released 23rd January 2018

  • Fixed virtual MIDI keyboard tools menu item
  • Edit|Find functionality corrected for non-whole word searches
  • Fixed bug that prevented BCR editor loading
  • Removed BCR editors from MDI
  • Improved BCR editor responsiveness and reduced script building time
  • Fixed problem in PatchViewer that caused list syncing to fail if initial initialization was cancelled
  • Fixed bug that could prevent File|Page Setup displaying correctly
  • Restored initialization feature in DX Patch Editors
  • Fixed bug that made MK1 DX7 Bank Send in Midi Menu non-functional
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6604.19337 released 30th January 2018

  • Minor bug fixes

<Build 5.2.6614.20372 released 9th February 2018

  • Show All is now startup display setting for DX6 voice patch editor
  • Improved Patch List UI responsiveness
  • Fixed DX6 EG R4 dragging problem
  • Corrected TX802 Performance editor so linked instrument values don't display
  • Fixed bug in TX7 performance editor when initializing pitch bend step
  • Added support for DX11 performance and cartridge patch IDs
  • All tools editors now check file compatability
  • Add Midi Devices menu item to BCR Editor
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6625.27900 released 20th February 2018

  • In-app updating added
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6639.17341 released 6th March 2018

Build 5.2.6647.17019 released 14th March 2018

  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6660.18353 released 27th March 2018

  • Fixed PatchViewer issues for Mk2DX7 downloading
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6667.19159 released 3rd April 2018

  • Revised PatchViewer layout, Voice or Perf. patch selections now sync with synth
  • Added Play button to Patchviewer to audition patches
  • Fixed PatchViewer issues for Mk2DX7 single patch selections downloading
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6687.17420 released 23rd April 2018

  • Individual linked operator editing implemented across all editors
  • Reduced PatchViewer initialisation time on synth change
  • Fixed bug in MK2 DX voice patch editor where AMS values were not correctly displayed
  • Fixed shutdown issues
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6694.17163 released 30th April 2018

  • Added option to get voice buffer to Midi Receive menu for MK2 DX7
  • Added context menu to MK2 voice patch editor to copy controllers to all file patches
  • Fixed MK2 DX voice patch editor Portamento Mode display for Poly/Mono changes
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6701.29067 released 7th May 2018

  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6720.18111 released 26th May 2018

  • Fixed keyboard navigation issues in Patch List
  • Midi Sound setting now saved between sessions
  • Fixed problem in PatchViewer when checking downloads
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6730.17818 released 5th June 2018

  • Fixed MidiSoundOn tooltip not displaying correctly
  • Fixed issue in TX7 Patch ViewerNamesProvider not initialising
  • Fixed issue that prevented BCR Editor loading templates
  • FIxed issue where BCR was not detected when using Windows BCR driver
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6758.20627 released 3rd July 2018

Build 5.2.6790.18384 released 4th August 2018

Build 5.2.6798.25589 released 12th August 2018

  • Minor bug fixes

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