Software and Support for Classic Yamaha Synthesisers

SYM5 Release History

Build 5.2.6595.27857 released 21st January 2018

  • Fixed virtual MIDI keyboard tools menu item
  • Edit|Find functionality corrected for non-whole word searches
  • Fixed bug that prevented BCR editor loading
  • Removed BCR editors from MDI
  • Improved BCR editor responsiveness and reduced script building time
  • Fixed problem in PatchViewer that caused list syncing to fail if initial initialization was cancelled
  • Fixed bug that could prevent File|Page Setup displaying correctly
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6605.17120 released 31st January 2018

  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6614.20895 released 9th February 2018

  • Improved Patch List UI responsiveness
  • Fixed bug in Waveform Editor where Internal waveform names were
    not correctly listed in Selector
  • All tools editors now check file compatability
  • Add Midi Devices menu item to BCR Editor
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6625.28088 released 20th February 2018

  • In-app updating added
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6639.17110 released 6th March 2018

Build 5.2.6647.17611 released 14th March 2018

  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6667.19348 released 3rd April 2018

  • Revised PatchViewer layout, Voice or Multi patch selections now sync with synth
  • Added Play button to Patchviewer to audition patches
  • Fix bug in PatchViewer where SY77 Internal only patches were
    not downloading correctly using GetAll
  • Fixed various issues in disk voice patch converter
  • Fixed initialisation error in Multi Editor
  • Added checks to prevent update check when update is in progress
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6687.18120 released 23rd April 2018

  • Individual linked operator editing implemented across all editors
  • Fixed shutdown issues
  • Fixed issue in disk voice patch conversion of SY99 drum patches stored
    in Banks A-C
  • Fixed issue in processing short MIDi messages with invalid status byte
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6730.18202 released 5th June 2018

  • Fixed MidiSoundOn tooltip not displaying correctly
  • Fixed issue that prevented BCR Editor loading templates
  • Fixed bug that prevented AFM Operator Levels displaying in BCR Editor
  • FIxed issue where BCR was not detected when using Windows BCR driver
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6757.25687 released 2nd July 2018

Build 5.2.6790.18792 released 4th August 2018

Build 5.2.6798.25228 released 11th August 2018

Build 5.2.6812.27760 released 26th August 2018

Build 5.2.6820.18644 released 3rd September 2018

Build 5.2.6849.16533 released 2 October 2018

Build 5.2.6869.18095 released 22 October 2018

Build 5.2.6879.17835 released 1 November 2018

  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6898.16873 released 20 November 2018

  • Various corrections to AFM Algorithm maps
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.3.6920.28983 released 12 December 2018

  • Extended support for Freeform Algorithm editing.
  • Added editable AFM Algorithm map.
  • Added Help reference on freeform editing.
  • Improved support for TG77.
  • Fixed several issues in menu and toolbar syncing.
  • Improved UI responsiveness and smoother editor drawing.
  • Fixed MIDI merge so settings persist between sessions.
  • Fixed erratic TG77 Operator and Element state settings.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Build 5.3.6932.17909 released 24 December 2018

  • Minor bug fixes.

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