Software and Support for Classic Yamaha Synthesisers

SYM5 Release History

Build 5.2.6595.27857 released 21st January 2018

  • Fixed virtual MIDI keyboard tools menu item
  • Edit|Find functionality corrected for non-whole word searches
  • Fixed bug that prevented BCR editor loading
  • Removed BCR editors from MDI
  • Improved BCR editor responsiveness and reduced script building time
  • Fixed problem in PatchViewer that caused list syncing to fail if initial initialization was cancelled
  • Fixed bug that could prevent File|Page Setup displaying correctly
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6605.17120 released 31st January 2018

  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6614.20895 released 9th February 2018

  • Improved Patch List UI responsiveness
  • Fixed bug in Waveform Editor where Internal waveform names were
    not correctly listed in Selector
  • All tools editors now check file compatability
  • Add Midi Devices menu item to BCR Editor
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6625.28088 released 20th February 2018

  • In-app updating added
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6639.17110 released 6th March 2018

Build 5.2.6647.17611 released 14th March 2018

  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6667.19348 released 3rd April 2018

  • Revised PatchViewer layout, Voice or Multi patch selections now sync with synth
  • Added Play button to Patchviewer to audition patches
  • Fix bug in PatchViewer where SY77 Internal only patches were
    not downloading correctly using GetAll
  • Fixed various issues in disk voice patch converter
  • Fixed initialisation error in Multi Editor
  • Added checks to prevent update check when update is in progress
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6687.18120 released 23rd April 2018

  • Individual linked operator editing implemented across all editors
  • Fixed shutdown issues
  • Fixed issue in disk voice patch conversion of SY99 drum patches stored
    in Banks A-C
  • Fixed issue in processing short MIDi messages with invalid status byte
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6730.18202 released 5th June 2018

  • Fixed MidiSoundOn tooltip not displaying correctly
  • Fixed issue that prevented BCR Editor loading templates
  • Fixed bug that prevented AFM Operator Levels displaying in BCR Editor
  • FIxed issue where BCR was not detected when using Windows BCR driver
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6757.25687 released 2nd July 2018

Build 5.2.6790.18792 released 4th August 2018

Build 5.2.6798.25228 released 11th August 2018

  • Minor bug fixes

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