Software and Support for Classic Yamaha Synthesisers

DXM5 Release History

Build 5.0.5905.17170 released 2 March 2016

  • First release of DXM5.

Build 5.0.5937.17412 released 3 April 2016

  • Clipboard functions restored.
  • New patch bug fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.0.5942.21189 released 8 April 2016

  • Error reporting restored.
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.0.6137.19772 released 20th October 2016

  • Updated registration browser for Paypal compatability

Build 5.1.6271.17470 released 3rd March 2017

  • Added virtual MIDI keyboard
  • Re-instated MIDI file player (single client)
  • Added customisable Color Themes
  • Various UI improvements including MIDI traffic lights, asynchronous patch viewer downloads and selection logic in patch explorer
  • Fixed bug in OP4 Patch Editor that reversed OP2/OP3 settings
  • Fixed bug that prevented MKi 4Ops initialising

Build 5.1.6280.27656 released 12th March 2017

  • Reinstated registration browser fix for Paypal compatability
  • Update MIDI keyboard (F3) handler

Build 5.1.6299.13083 released 31st March 2017

  • Fixes minor issues with color themes
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.1.6330.28431 released 1st May 2017

  • Fixes several issues in Patch Explorer including navigation keys,scrolling and dragging problems
  • Fixed issue that could cause crash when exiting terminated trial
  • Significant bug fixes

Build 5.1.6330.28431 released 6th May 2017

  • Reduced load times for Patch Explorer and faster copying/moving patches
  • Improved single/double click handling in Patch Explorer
  • Improved drag/drop visual cues in Patch Explorer
  • Fixed display problem in Find dialog and simplified search options

Build 5.2.6413.16747 released 23rd July 2017 2017

  • Revised exception/error handling
  • Faster script export in BCR Editor
  • Updated DX6MK2 Performance editor and fixed MT switches
  • Revised handling for incoming parameter change messages
  • Fixed bug in DX6MK1 Function editor portamento mode display
  • FIxed bug in Midi Manager that could cause crash when navigating patch list after MM window is closed
  • Fixed patch generator problem with patch selection updating
  • FIxed Print Preview display problem when using dark theme
  • Fixed issues in group edit menu item - destination options weren't functional and cancelling now restores pre-search state correctly
  • Midi Manager channel id fixed and fixed bug in append sysex option
  • Improved synth detection so patch viewer is updated when synth is changed between sessions

Build 5.2.6420.16936 released 30th July 2017

  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6428.19301 released 7th August 2017

  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6434.16354 released 13th August 2017

  • Improved sysex buffer handling in Patch Viewer.
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6439.16893 released 18th August 2017

Build 5.2.6448.17052 released 27th August 2017

Build 5.2.6456.17523 released 4th September 2017

Build 5.2.6463.28429 released 11th September 2017

Build 5.2.6485.16910 released 3rd October 2017

  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6520.18231 released 7th November 2017

  • Fixed bug in Patch Viewer that caused MK2 DX7 patch bank downloads to save in Classic (MK1) format.
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6532.18975 released 19th November 2017

Build 5.2.6546.19363 released 3rd December 2017

  • Minor bug fixes

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