Software and Support for Classic Yamaha Synthesisers

DXM5 Release History

Build 5.0.5905.17170 released 2 March 2016

  • First release of DXM5.

Build 5.0.5937.17412 released 3 April 2016

  • Clipboard functions restored.
  • New patch bug fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.0.5942.21189 released 8 April 2016

  • Error reporting restored.
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.0.6137.19772 released 20th October 2016

  • Updated registration browser for Paypal compatability

Build 5.1.6271.17470 released 3rd March 2017

  • Added virtual MIDI keyboard
  • Re-instated MIDI file player (single client)
  • Added customisable Color Themes
  • Various UI improvements including MIDI traffic lights, asynchronous patch viewer downloads and selection logic in patch explorer
  • Fixed bug in OP4 Patch Editor that reversed OP2/OP3 settings
  • Fixed bug that prevented MKi 4Ops initialising

Build 5.1.6280.27656 released 12th March 2017

  • Reinstated registration browser fix for Paypal compatability
  • Update MIDI keyboard (F3) handler

Build 5.1.6299.13083 released 31st March 2017

  • Fixes minor issues with color themes
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.1.6330.28431 released 1st May 2017

  • Fixes several issues in Patch Explorer including navigation keys,scrolling and dragging problems
  • Fixed issue that could cause crash when exiting terminated trial
  • Significant bug fixes

Build 5.1.6330.28431 released 6th May 2017

  • Reduced load times for Patch Explorer and faster copying/moving patches
  • Improved single/double click handling in Patch Explorer
  • Improved drag/drop visual cues in Patch Explorer
  • Fixed display problem in Find dialog and simplified search options

Build 5.2.6413.16747 released 23rd July 2017 2017

  • Revised exception/error handling
  • Faster script export in BCR Editor
  • Updated DX6MK2 Performance editor and fixed MT switches
  • Revised handling for incoming parameter change messages
  • Fixed bug in DX6MK1 Function editor portamento mode display
  • FIxed bug in Midi Manager that could cause crash when navigating patch list after MM window is closed
  • Fixed patch generator problem with patch selection updating
  • FIxed Print Preview display problem when using dark theme
  • Fixed issues in group edit menu item - destination options weren't functional and cancelling now restores pre-search state correctly
  • Midi Manager channel id fixed and fixed bug in append sysex option
  • Improved synth detection so patch viewer is updated when synth is changed between sessions

Build 5.2.6420.16936 released 30th July 2017

  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6428.19301 released 7th August 2017

  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6434.16354 released 13th August 2017

  • Improved sysex buffer handling in Patch Viewer.
  • Minor bug fixes

Build 5.2.6439.16893 released 18th August 2017

  • Minor bug fixes

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